Claire Ford Artist working with client

Claire Forde

Personal Branding/Website design and build

Claire Ford is an artist who works with community members, including the elderly, people with dementia and younger people with learning difficulties. Her projects typically include digital and traditional art techniques, focusing on providing social engagement and fostering an environment of social inclusion.

Claire Ford personal branding

Brand Identity

Claire was aiming for a visual voice that is “fun, vivid, motivational and non-judgemental”. The font, coupled with the asymmetric shapes that dance across the name makes for a playful, dynamic, and joyful logo.


It was imperative to Claire that she was able to update the website with new projects. Therefore I designed a simple WordPress site and developed templates to enable her to add new content as required. I also provided a training video on using the templates that can be referred back to as needed.

The website has been hugely successful in helping Claire secure funding for new projects, and she has found the template layouts extremely easy to use.

Claire Ford Website design on laptop

“Ann-Marie listened to my vision for my new website from the get-go. Not only did Ann-Marie design and put together my website but she also created a new logo and taught me how to use my websites to edit it in the future. I am thrilled with my website and it really promotes my work to the best of its ability – I have Ann-Marie to thank for that!”

Claire Ford


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