DIY Graphic Design: Is it worth it?

DIY Branding and Logo design

So often we tell ourselves: “if a job needs doing, we might as well do it ourselves” – to save us time, money and an inevitable headache if whoever we outsourced the task to doesn’t complete it to our standards. Whether it’s something commonplace like a trip to the supermarket for emergency milk or something considerably more substantial like designing a logo or new flyer for business, we tend to apply the same logic.

Time is short and marketing budgets are often even shorter, but what if we had the luxury of time to pause for a moment and ask ourselves – is this truly the most effective way of doing this task? Graphic design is a perfect example of a service that is often swiftly relocated to DIY territory in the hope that it will save time and/or money. Asking a member of the team to do some DIY graphic design for a current campaign or client work might seem harmless, it will render something useable at best, but we asked :-

What could go wrong?

  • Miss deadlines

  • Damage client relations

  • Diminish brand presence

  • Demotivate staff at worst

Just because you like what you’ve created, does that mean your customers will? Thoughtful design evokes the right image in customers’ minds and tells a narrative using few words and images. There is immense value in hiring a professional to communicate a trustworthy and engaging message about your business, yet it’s ironic that when financial times get tough, the creative budget is one of the first things to go. Effective design has the power to build a strong brand presence, grab customers’ attention and strive to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Design isn’t just about making things look pretty; effective design should entice and persuade. It should give you a return on your investment.

There are benefits to both worlds of employing an in-house graphic designer or hiring a freelance graphic designer. Designers will develop a knowledge of your brand that becomes almost intuitive. Your preferred fonts and colour schemes – picking up on the little things you like or dislike – imagery you would never use, or a style that’s just not “on brand” and could disrupt the consistency of your brand presence. Striking up a strong working relationship with a talented freelancer full of fresh ideas and wisdom having worked on various other projects could just be the start of your next big idea. Professional design can have a great deal of influence and impact on your reputation, customer loyalty and sales.

DIY graphic design: there’s a time and a place, depending on how much time you can risk wasting.

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